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About the Author John Holliday  

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I grew up in England with my grandfather and his sister and I remember stories he used to tell me about his own grandfather, who was a missionary in China. I didn't take much notice of these stories at the time, but later in life, I came to regret my lack of attention to such stories.

After a career spanning the UK, Canada and Australia, I started to look back upon those stories and I decided to find out more about that missionary. I discovered that he had spent many years in what is now Jakarta and that he had built the English Church and started an orphanage there, which I now wondered, did they still exist? 

To my delight, they still do exist and they are as vibrant and active today as they were 180 years ago. I have been lucky enough to visit them both, providing a little support to the Parapattan Orphanage and discovering the history of All Saints Jakarta.

I have written a book about my business experiences in Canada and Australia which was published under the name, ‘Toughing it Out - Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur.’ I found writing this book to be such an enjoyable experience that before I had finished it, I had decided that my next book should be a biography of Walter Henry Medhurst.
I have spent the last six years researching Medhurst's life, which has been an adventure of its own. To find out more on this just visit the story research page. 

Mission to China has been accepted for publication by Amberley Publishing of Stroud, UK and was released in September 2016. 

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John Holliday
To find out more about me just email me on john_holliday@me.com
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